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May 20, 2022

Students Score Highly on the 2021 IBDP Examinations

Please find below the IBDP pass rate and average IBDP score for our class that took the IB exams in 2021.

〇 IBDP Pass Rate
100% of this year’s students who aimed to obtain an IBDP were able to achieve this goal. Additionally, they all received a Bilingual Diploma, a testament of their ability in 2 languages.

〇 Average IBDP Score
The graduating class achieved an average IBDP score of 38.3 out of 45, far exceeding the global average IBDP score of 33.02.

Below are messages from two students who scored higher than a 40*.

*Out of the 170,660 people who attempted the May 2021 IB exams, only 9% obtained a score of 40~45.
Source: More than 170,000 students across the world receive IB results

Left: Hitoha Nagura  Right: Ririka Kuroki

Hitoha Nagura -

Linden Hall School’s IB course provides small group instruction, which meant that I was able to receive personalized guidance on my weaker study areas.

I was aiming to apply to medical school, and in the highly relevant subject that is chemistry, my teacher frequently tested me on units that were particularly challenging to me. Through this, I was able to gain awareness of my level of understanding of the materials and receive an strong support on how exactly I could improve. More than anything, I appreciated that the teachers knew about the dreams and goals of each student in my class and supported us wholeheartedly as we strove to achieve them.

In my day-to-day studies, I made sure I did not just put aside class content that I did not clearly understand, but found the answers or explanations. I reviewed the class content and materials continuously. Through my daily efforts, I was able to retain what I had learned and apply it to various exercises and assignments. During the IB course, I conducted many presentations and wrote countless essays, looking up and analyzing information in English. Through such experiences, I feel I have gained invaluable skills as well as self-confidence, both of which will help me succeed in university.

Ririka Kuroki -

I was attending a public elementary school, but I decided to enroll in Linden Hall High School for the opportunity to learn English and study the IB curriculum. When I first arrived at Linden Hall High School, it was a challenge to keep up with the other students, who had been learning in an English immersion environment from elementary school.

In the IB, there is no such thing as a “model answer”. In order to form my own responses, I had to cultivate the abilities to think logically and view issues from multiple perspectives.

Through CAS (Creativity, Activity and Service), I had the opportunities to think at all times about activities I could involve myself in, and try out activities in fields that were new to me. Today, I feel more confident about stepping out of my comfort zone and taking initiative.

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