Introduction to Our Curriculum

Students Will Deepen Their Learning Through
Our English Immersion Approach,
Proceeding to Study Courses that Match Their Future Goals

Linden Hall High School has adopted an English immersion approach, and teaches almost every subject, other than Japanese etc., in English.
We are a secondary school that offers a six-year integrated junior and senior high school experience. Our programme is characterized by a flexible curriculum that is not restricted by the ordinary three/three year split between middle school and high school. By eliminating the duplication of topics covered in each subject in middle and high school textbooks, we empower students to speed up their learning.
As a result, our students are able to complete the full compulsory high school curriculum specified for Ichijou-Kou* by their first year of high school. In their second year of high school, students choose either the International Baccalaureate Course (IB Course) or Think and Inquire Course (TI Course) in accordance with their future goals, progressing to more advanced studies.

*Ichijou-Kou refers to educational institutions stipulated in Article 1 of the School Education Law in Japan, and includes kindergartens, elementary schools, junior high schools, compulsory education schools, high schools, secondary schools, schools for students with special needs, universities, and technical colleges.

Curriculum and Course Selection