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Mar 23, 2022

Update on 2022 University Admissions Status

2022 Acceptances from Universities (as of March 24)

We would like to provide an update on the graduating class’s university admissions status.

The graduating class has been admitted to top universities within the 2022 world university rankings.

【Overseas Universities】
United Kingdom
- University of St Andrews
- Imperial College London
- King's College London
- University of Manchester
- University of Leeds
- University of Edinburgh

United States of America
- Pennsylvania State University
- American University
- Syracuse University
- Roosevelt University
- Point Park University
- Emerson College
- Manhattan School of Music
- Molloy College
- Muhlenberg College
- Ithaca College

【Domestic Universities】
- Hiroshima University [Medicine]
- Okayama University [Medicine]
- Kagoshima University [Law and Literature]
- Chuo University [Commerce]
- Chuo University [Global Management]
- Ritsumeikan University [International Relations]

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