Dormitories for boys and girls are located on the grounds of Tsuzuki Ikuei Gakuen, the parent organisation of our school. Students are cared for by live-in staff who have been creating a safe and secure environment in the dormitories for 25 years.
Through their time in the dormitories, students develop mutual trust and friendship. In addition, short-term exchange students often stay in the dormitories, providing ample opportunities for intercultural interaction.
Students learn to self-manage all aspects of their daily lives except for cooking meals, acquiring independent living skills. The dormitories provide a great opportunity to foster autonomy and self-care skills.

Daily Schedule

  • 06:30~

    Wake up, breakfast, preparation for school
  • 07:45~08:00

    Go to school
  • School

  • 17:30~17:45

    Leave school
  • 18:00~18:45

  • 19:00~21:00

    Study time
    (supervised by school teachers)
  • 21:00~22:00

    Bath, free time
  • 22:00~

    Lights out
  • About Meals

    Homemade dishes are served at breakfast and dinner, which are provided every day, including weekends and holidays.

  • Weekends

    Students can go out with their friends, spend time with their families, and enjoy their weekends freely. The curfew is 20: 00.

  • Emergency Response

    In case of emergency such as illness or injury, we have a system in place to contact boarders’ families immediately.

  • Infection
    Control Measures

    Currently, as a measure against COVID-19, people are required to wear masks and maintain social distancing in communal areas at all times, including during meals. Also, we clean and ventilate the dormitory frequently every day.

Boys’ Dormitory

Located a 5 minute walk from the school for easy access. The rooms are quiet and sunny.

Girls’ Dormitory

This is a safe facility equipped with a full security system. Each room is a private room.


A Message from the Dormitory Staff

We understand that parents may be most concerned about their students’ health when they are living away from home. If there is any change in a student’s physical condition, we make sure to inform their parents, consulting them about any hospital visits or medical treatments at the dormitory, then reporting the results. We pay attention not only to students’ health, but also to any changes in their usual activities and communication. We try to help our students stay healthy both physically and mentally by talking to them when they have any concerns and contacting their families when we feel the need for such encouragement.
It is a pleasure for us to be able to live under one roof and care for the students as if they were our own children. When we hear how our students have gone out into the world, we remember their time here and feel thankful.