Introduction to the Facilities・Uniforms

We provide an environment in tune with the spirit
of independent learning and inquiry.

The school building is built to make the most of natural light and includes learning facilities such as an IT room and library. We provide an environment that responds to the spirit of self-study and inquiry. Dormitories are also available on the school grounds.

PE Uniform

Our school's PE uniforms are made with recycled polyester. Between 2021 and 2022, a group of students participated voluntarily in a project in which they reviewed the existing PE uniform's material and production processes and designed a new, environmentally sustainable PE uniform. With the support of external companies, they were able to create a new polyester PE uniform that can be recycled over and over again using a "circular economy" framework. When students graduate, their old PE uniforms can be recycled at a factory into new PE uniforms for the next class of students.