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Jan 25, 2024

Update on 2024 University Admissions Status

2023-2024 Acceptances from Universities (as of 2024 January 25)

We would like to provide an update on the graduating class’s university admissions status.

The graduating class has been admitted to top universities within the 2024 world university rankings.

【Overseas Universities】
United Kingdom
● Imperial College London (World 10)
● Queen's University Belfast (World Biology 22)
● Cambridge University (World 2)
● University of Hull
● Bangor University
● University of Birmingham (World 108)
● University of Plymouth
● Queen Mary University of London (UK Materials Science 7)

【Domestic Universities】
・Kyushu Institute of Technology [Engineering]
・Waseda University [International Liberal Arts]
・Sophia University [Economics]
・Sophia University [Foreign Language Studies]
・Rikkyo University [Intercultural Communication]
・Rikkyo University [Business Management]
・Meiji University [French Literature]
・Meiji University [Global Japanese Studies]
・Hosei University [Economics]
・Chuo University [Letters]
・Doshisha University [Commerce]
・Ritsumeikan University [Global Liberal Arts]
・Ritsumeikan University [Business Management]
・Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University [International Management]
・Kitasato University [Pharmacy]
・Tokyo University of Pharmacy and Life Sciences [Pharmacy]
・Kanagawa University [Cross-Cultural and Japanese Studies]
・Kyoto Sangyo University [Cultural Studies]

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