English Immersion Education


English Immersion Education

Learn to think and communicate clearly in English. Foster the linguistic skills to contribute actively to a global society.

Following the precedent set in the elementary school, Linden Hall High School, through its English immersion approach, offers the majority of its subjects in English. As globalisation progresses, individuals are expected more and more to contribute their own ideas and opinions. We support our students in learning to use English fluently and in communicating their thoughts logically and clearly.

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    We Boast an Exceptional Number of Class Hours Conducted in English

    Class Hours in English

    Unit of Measurement: Class Hours (1 class is 50 minutes)
    The figures within the parentheses are conversions to hours.
    Reference: MEXT’s Junior High School Curriculum Guidelines

    As in the table above, an exceptional number of hours of our G7-9 classes are conducted in English. As a result, by the beginning of G10, our students have already acquired the English skills to score at about 80% on the National Center Test for University Admissions. Therefore, our students can utilize the time most high school students would spend studying English on pursuits more meaningful to their desired pathways. Within G10-12, the exact number of class hours conducted in English varies with which course the student chooses. Still, many of our classes are taught in English, enabling students to further polish their linguistic skills.

    By their developing fluency in English, students can benefit even more deeply from their study abroad and overseas volunteer experiences.
    To read more about our study abroad and overseas volunteer opportunities, please click here.

    Many of our students utilize the English skills they cultivated to attend university overseas. To read about our Recent University Acceptances, please click here.

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    Our Curriculum Fosters Effective Language Skills and Logical Thinking

    In our classes, we encourage students to express their thoughts rationally through presentations and discussions. In particular, in the high school, the curriculum has been set up so that students can develop fluency in both the input and output aspects of English (listening and reading versus speaking and writing). By building upon on the English skills developed in elementary school, students enhance their ability to play an active role in a global society.

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    Our School is Recognised as an Ichijou-Kou*1 and Therefore Designated a Specially Exempt School by the MEXT*2

    Linden Hall School is an Ichijou-Kou that administers an educational programme that is in accordance with the MEXT’s curriculum. Because we provide an English immersion programme and environmental studies course, we are designated a Specially Exempt School. In addition, as we use English-translated textbooks approved by the MEXT, there should be no curricular issues in the unlikely event that a student seeks a transfer to a public or private, junior or senior high school.

    *1 Ichijou-Kou refers to educational institutions stipulated in Article 1 of the School Education Law in Japan, and includes kindergartens, elementary schools, junior high schools, compulsory education schools, high schools, secondary schools, schools for students with special needs, universities, and technical colleges.
    *2 MEXT refers to the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology