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Jun 11, 2024

English Immersion Summer Camp at Linden Hall 2024

English Immersion Summer Camp at Linden Hall
Linden Hall School is offering young students the opportunity to immerse themselves in English this summer!

This summer, Linden Hall High School is hosting a summer camp. Children will be exposed to an English-speaking environment all day, every day. Through interacting with teachers and students from around the world, participants will be able to enhance their communication skills. They will stay in the Linden Hall High School dormitories and make friends with children from different schools. This is an excellent opportunity for children to develop their sense of autonomy, explore their curiosity about the English language, and make some amazing summer memories!

Lessons will be taught by teachers from overseas in English. Current curriculum plans include science activities, arts activities, a class project, and presentations. Parents and guardians are welcome to participate in the project presentations on the last day, the culminating event of the camp.

※Teachers from Japan will join the lessons alongside the teachers from overseas, providing support to students in Japanese.

※We are expecting many registrations. Students whose registrations are confirmed will receive further programme details via email.

How to Register

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