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Jan 10, 2024

Students Obtain Excellent Scores on 2023 November IB Exams

Please find below information about the IBDP pass rates and average scores for our November 2023 IB test takers.

■ IBDP Pass Rates
100% of our students who aimed to obtain an IB diploma, achieved one. This is in contrast to the world average pass rate of 71.93%. Furthermore, the majority of Linden Hall High School students obtain a Bilingual Diploma, showcasing their linguistic abilities.

■ Average IB Score
Our average score of 34.45 (out of 45) surpassed the world average score of 29.06.

Our Average IB Score for the Last 3 Years 
2021 38.3 ( 33.0 )
2022 32.8 ( 30.9 )
2023 34.45( 29.06 )
※The figures within the parentheses are the world average scores.

■ Students Scoring 40 or Above
Of our students who achieved an IB diploma, 18% scored 40 or above.

■ Please see the below for updates regarding university acceptances.
Update on 2024 University Admissions Status

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