Adjacent to the campus is a lodge-style dormitory, providing a safe environment for commuting to and from school. Also, a teacher of Linden Hall School lives together as a matron. The meals are handmade in the school cafeteria and are made with organic vegetables with the health of the student in mind. It is also attractive to be able to develop a sense of independence through communal living in a safe and secure environment.

Flow of the day

  • 06:30

    Wake up
  • 06:40~

    Freshly made from the school cafeteria, all boarders eat together.
  • 07:00~

    Preparing for school
  • 08:15~

    Going to school
  • School

  • 16:10~

    After School
    All boarders participate in the after school.
  • 17:50~

    Going home with the teacher
    Once after school activities have finished.
  • 18:00~18:30

    Free Time
  • 18:30~19:00

    Like breakfast, hot dinner is delivered from the school cafeteria.
  • 19:00~19:30

    The matron who is also a school teacher looks at the homework.
  • 19:30~20:00

    Free Time
    Boarders enjoy playing board games and watching TV.
  • 20:00~20:30

  • 20:30~21:00

    Get ready for bed
  • 21:00~

  • About Meals

    Breakfast and dinner at the dorm are handmade in the school cafeteria. The school's meals are organic and therefore, very healthy.

    Organic School Lunches
  • Weekends

    Students spend their weekends with their families.

  • Emergency Response

    We have a system in place so that boarders can contact their family immediately in case of emergency such as illness or injury.

  • Infection
    Control Measures

    Today, as a measure against new types of COVID-19, students wear masks in their rooms and maintain social distance throughout their meals. Also, we clean and ventilate the dormitory frequently.


Mr. and Ms. Unico

A Message from the dormitory Staff

The good thing about living in a dormitory is that boarders can develop a sense of independence and quickly feel gratitude towards their parents and the adults around them. There are many boarders who get homesick because they live away from their parents for the first time, but in such cases, we are the person to talk to, and we value the time to talk to the parents on the phone until they calm down, so that they can gradually get used to the environment. It is a great pleasure for us to see boarders growing up who are learning to do everything by themselves while teaching about personal matters such as laundry from the first grade of elementary school.

Elementary School