About Our Teachers

We promote understanding and respect for diversity through education taught by our multinational teachers.
Each teacher is creative and ingenious, allowing students to gain a deeper sense of
learning while also exploring their curiosity.

Tonja Thoms
English / Math

Opportunities to work actively worldwide are created through learning English.

English is the global language. English is a common language that is used in many situations such as business, trading and computer programming. Therefore, by having a good command of English, there will be a chance to be successful in the world. For example, the language of programming is English and ICT lessons at our school are taught in English, so the students are able to obtain an essential skill that is necessary for the future. Teachers from various countries teach at Linden Hall, so that our students could experience as if they are studying abroad in an English immersion environment. In this environment, the children learn English naturally at school and when they go home, they spend time with their Japanese families whilst recognising Japanese culture. In this way, Linden Hall is a really attractive school.

I want students to have the confidence to not be afraid of failure and to have the strength to challenge.

I think it is important for me to create an environment where students can actively challenge various activities. In order to do that, I try to inspire the children by sparking their motivation through lessons and school events. In addition to that, I want to give them confidence and I want them to believe in themselves. I think that students will be able to grow and develop their confidence by trusting themselves, communicating actively, and challenging something they are interested in without being afraid of making mistakes.

Genevieve Pablo

My motto is “Enjoy Teaching and Enjoy Learning”. I believe this helps make classes enjoyable for both me and the students.

I always think to myself, “How would I feel if I were one of the students?” and make plans based on these ideas. The quality of learning will change if they actively participate during class. I want to ensure that every child has a chance to participate and speak up during class. I also want students to be able to convey messages such as, “Thank you for saying that” or “thank you for telling me I was wrong” so that students can gain confidence and still be positive without fear of making mistakes. Furthermore, students can sense our mood or emotions, so I strive to be as positive as I can in front of my students to ensure the atmosphere of the class is jovial.

I want students to value the ability to adapt and become a kind person.

What is important for students to learn is the ability to adapt. It is important not only to memorize a lot of English words, but also how to make use of that knowledge. The purpose of our classes is to ensure that students understand the meaning of a word and be able to apply it to real world, practical situations. Another important element is to be kind to others. When students are in a situation where they're overly competitive, they tend to be self-centered or insensitive to others, which can negatively affect their relationships with one another. This is why we post the words “Be kind” on the bulletin board so that students are reminded every day.

Tom Southerton

I want students to have a wonderful experience through music where their individuality and creativity flourish.

I want students to have confidence in their own thoughts and ideas. In the classes, students sing in English and try to improvise, but their goal is not only to improve their singing and playing skills, but also to encourage them to express their emotions freely and confidently by singing. Impromptu performances are a wonderful experience that brings out the individuality and creativity of children. In addition, senior students challenge themselves to perform in an ensemble and have the opportunity to present their work in public, such as at Christmas concerts. I believe that working with friends to develop skills and strengthen bonds is an important experience in the process of growth.

I want students to embrace challenge and understand the importance of freely expressing oneself.

I want students to feel the joy of living through music classes.
To do that, students should try everything they're interested in, find what they are good at, and focus on it. At the same time, I want them to do their best for the things they are not good at.
Music is like a language that can express a variety of emotions that cannot be expressed in other ways. In the future, when they go abroad, even if they have difficulty communicating because they cannot speak the language of the country, I think it will be an opportunity to share their thoughts and build meaningful relationships through the “ability to express feelings that cannot be expressed in words” cultivated through music.

Keiko Sakai

​I want students to explore their curiosity and elicit a feeling of “I want to learn more.”

It is important for students to enjoy learning and to stimulate their curiosity. For example, when they learn Kanji, I first show them how to complete a dictionary lookup usually when they are around the third grade. Then, I will teach them how to use the dictionary by themselves. At first, students become familiar with the dictionary which stimulates their curiosity and then once they’ve gotten enough practice will they then be able to look up words independently. It is rewarding to see students get excited whenever they can accomplish their goals. It is important that even if they learn one Kanji, that it leads to good habits of learning on their own and not just simply rote memorization. When we hear students say, “I want to learn more!” then we know we have done a wonderful job in creating excitement and curiosity for our students.

I want to give students the confidence to not be afraid of failure.

My job as a teacher is to “plant the seeds of learning” and I want my students to develop on their own. It is important to me that students learn by trial and error and making mistakes is part of the process.
The philosophy of Linden Hall School is to develop individuality and to understand that we are all unique individuals. This is a diverse environment in which each and every child accepts their individuality and I hope to convey this message to them.

Manny Laza

When students set a goal for learning, the quality of learning changes.

When students can define their own goals, the quality of their learning changes. For example, if they set themselves targets such as, “I want to be able to accomplish this goal today” their understanding will improve. I pay close attention to small changes in my students, such as whether they understand each other. When I think from the student's point of view, I'm able to create class content that is interesting, which allows students to become motivated to learn.

I want schools to be a place where we can learn manners, values and communication skills.

For example, in science class, students share experimental tools and conduct experiments as a group. They also need to be aware of the importance of handling school equipment. Thus, classes are also a place to develop a sense of cooperation and responsibility. I hope that they will have a meaningful experience by learning the proper etiquette and communication skills necessary in order to create future friendships and relationships around the world.

Gracezelaida Unico

I want them to convey the joy of learning and have the strength to endure hardships by giving their full effort.

Learning is about obtaining new knowledge about something that one does not already know. The way we retrieve new information is dependent on our learning level which is different for each individual. Therefore, the most important aspect in learning is not speed, but rather, the ability of each individual to understand the information given to us.
In addition, our school actively encourages students to give presentations. This gives our students the experience and confidence boost to give their best efforts in English even though they may not be fluent yet. To provide students with the best tools to learn, I am constantly thinking about whether I can create an environment where students can enjoy learning, give their best effort and eventually give them the confidence to learn independently.

I want students to establish curiosity in learning and develop their own individuality.

I am happy that I can see the development and progress of students through classes. At our school, student curiosity is stimulated through various hands-on activities, which prompts students to ask more questions. By having practical, engaging lessons, students will see the benefits of the lessons and appreciate what they have learned in school as they mature and grow older.

Megumi Kawasaki
Deputy Head Teacher

In order to create a good teaching environment, I believe there are three qualities every teacher should possess.

The most important element as a Vice-Principal is to support teachers. If each teacher can give their best performance on a daily basis, the impact on students is enormous. My methods of supporting teachers and staff are by speaking to them one-on-one, providing encouragement and suggestions if they have any problems or questions and to listen carefully so that I can create viable solutions to any issues they may be facing.
I look at three important points in hiring. The first point I look at when hiring is to ensure they enjoy working with children. The second, is to be enthusiastic about education and the third is to be able to value teamwork. Teamwork among teachers is important because we can achieve anything with the help and support of each other. When we work together as a team we can accomplish anything we set our mind to.

I want to continue dialogue with parents to help students succeed.

Communication with parents is important and I strive to communicate with them whenever I have the opportunity. I want to help relieve student anxiety and put more emphasis on the areas where students show their best talents and accomplishments. Since I became a Vice Principal, I have started to recruit volunteers for school events in order to increase opportunities for parents and teachers to communicate with each other during activities. I think it is a good opportunity for students to share their daily lives and their growth, and be able to listen to what their parents have to say. I would like students to talk to me about small things that you can't hear during formal occasions such as parent-teacher meetings.

Elementary School