Question-1Is Linden Hall School an international school?

Our school is recognised as an elementary school as stipulated Article 1 of the Japanese Board of Education Regulations. It is not categorised as an international school. Instruction is provided in accordance with the courses of study established by MEXT.

Question-2What specific measures should applicants take to prepare for the entrance examination?

It's not really about the child's English ability. It's more to do with whether or not the student likes English. It's good to get used to English by listening to and singing English songs, playing and using English, playing English games, and watching their favorite English shows, while genuinely enjoying English in their daily life. Also, everyone who submits an application will be given a picture book and a CD set to prepare for the test. We very much encourage everyone to please use them.

Question-3Are there issues with students not being able to keep up with the classes?

Basically, classes are held in small groups and there is a team-teaching system (a two-person system, consisting of a foreign teacher and a Japanese teacher, in all classes), so there is really no such thing as “a child who can't keep up with their studies”. Both the foreign teacher and the Japanese homeroom teacher keep a very close eye on each child, giving them each the guidance they need.

Question-4What time does school start and end?

School starts at 8: 30am and ends at 16: 10pm. Please check here for more information about the school bus and train commuting times.

About commuting to and from school
Question-5How do students spend their time after school?

Interested students can attend our “after school” programmes every day from 16:10pm to 18:00pm. Our school's “after school” programme has a variety of extracurricular activities. We start the after school activities with snack time. Everyone has a snack provided by the school. Next we have homework time, followed by the student’s choice of activities. The “after school” time is also a chance to communicate with students from Oxford University, who are studying at the Japan University of Economics, another school within the Tsuzuki Integrated Education group. The Linden Hall students get help from the Oxford students and have a lot of fun playing with them, too.

※(Due to the impact of COVID-19, the international students have returned to their home countries, and the exchange students programme from Oxford University has been temporarily suspended).

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Question-6What areas do the students commute from?

Most are from Fukuoka City, but some are from Kumamoto or Saga Prefecture. There is a dormitory for elementary school students, who would like to live at the school. Since the opening of our school, safety first and foremost has always been our policy, which is why we have created a system of safe commuting to and from school for students. For example, students who commute to and from school by Nishitetsu Train travel with teachers who are also on the train every morning and afternoon to ensure their safety during their commute to and from Linden Hall. Students are dropped off and picked up by their parents on the train platform. This system has ensured safe travel for our commuting students over the years.

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Question-7As most of the classes are conducted in English, doesn’t it affect the students’ Japanese ability?

Don't worry. We have more Japanese classes than public elementary schools. Not only that, but there are also Japanese classes dedicated to covering content previously conducted in English. There is extensive research that indicates the benefits of studying both English and Japanese simultaneously and conjunctively, as both languages can be acquired in a synergistic manner. Moreover, students develop the ability to translate what they have learned from one language to the other. This is a very important skill for bilinguals to have. This is also something that has been confirmed repeatedly by university graduates.

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