Educational Policy

Educational Policy

Providing six years of enjoyable education in English in
a free environment that fosters children's sensitivity.

We aim to develop graduates who can play an active role on the world stage by providing education that develops the individuality, imagination and communication skills required of a global citizen, instead of conventional education that emphasizes university entrance-examinations and deviation values.
In order to achieve this, we have adopted “English immersion education” as our major basic policy in order to set the foundations and cultivate the ability of the students to master the current global lingua franca, English, in their elementary school years.
We will also aim to promote understanding and respect for diversity through education by teachers of various nationalities, while at the same time providing education that allows students to interact with Japanese culture. Students will deepen their understanding and knowledge of their own country's culture and sense of values, and develop a foundation for growth as global citizens.
The elementary school curriculum is unique and distinctive, with each teacher using his or her own ingenuity to enable children to deepen their learning through the power of curiosity. We also offer a variety of club activities and after-school programmes. There are many cases in which outside experts are invited as lecturers. In elementary school, students are sensitive and very ready to absorb new information; they have a natural curiosity and can develop a heightened awareness by interacting with and being exposed to high-quality instruction and experiences, which support and shape the development of individuality.

Basic Policy to Prevent Bullying

In accordance with the Law for the Promotion of Measures to Prevent Bullying, Linden Hall Elementary School has formulated the following basic policies.

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