After School


Enriching the time after school by providing a variety
of extracurricular activities and international exchanges

Our “after school” programme offers a variety of extracurricular activities conducted by professional instructors, some of whom are invited to our school specifically for their expertise. We strive to support the development of individuality by cultivating free-thinking individuality and a sense of self. This is done by exposing the students to the highest quality educational experiences possible while in elementary school, as children are most sensitive and absorb information most readily during this phase of their lives. Homework time and snack time are all about the international exchange between our Linden Hall students and the Oxford University exchange students. This exposure to Oxford University students is unique to our school. Oxford University students studying at the Japan University of Economics, one of the schools in the Tsuzuki Integration Education group, join the Linden Hall students to help them with their homework and engage in sports with them.

There are two types of programmes: one conducted by our teachers and the other by expert, external instructors invited to teach after school (Personal Lessons and Group Lessons). Please refer to the table for the cost of each. It is important to note that our bus service is not available after the ‘after-school’ programme has finished, so children who participate in the programme need to be picked up by their parents after the ‘after school’ programme has finished for the day.

  • Date
    From Monday to Friday
  • Details
    Snack Time
    Homework Time
    (Engage in exchanges with students from Oxford University *)
    Extracurricular Activities
    • Lesson by the Linden teachers
      ・After school English
      ・After school Japanese
    • Lesson by specialised external instructors (Additional lesson fees are required)
      ・Piano (Individuals)
      ・Violin (Individuals)
      ・Soccer (Group)
      ・Basketball (Group)
      ・Hip-Hop Dance (Group)
      ・Programming (Group)
  • Cost

Flow of
After School

  • 16:10~
    End of homeroom
  • 16:15~
    Snack time in the cafeteria
  • 16:30~
    Homework time in the library(Engage in exchanges with students from Oxford University)
  • 17:00~
    Participate in various programmes or enjoy free time with their friends or the Oxford University students
  • 18:00
    Parents pick the students up



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