International Exchange

Cultivating individuals capable of playing an active role on the global stage through international experiences during their formative years

Studying abroad and various forms of international exchange provide valuable opportunities for people to experience different values and ways of thinking and to develop new perspectives. Our school has adopted an “English immersion education” so they don't have to worry about the language at their overseas study destination. Experience that transcends language barriers and truly understands diversity fosters flexibility and a global perspective in human interaction.

We aim to develop individuals who can play an active role on the world stage by providing education to develop the individuality, imagination, and communication skills required of an international person during the six years of elementary school which are important for human development.

England Study Tour

Oxford University, UK

Target: All Grade 6 students

We communicate in various ways with Japan University of Economics, another school in our educational group, and Oxford University, one of our partner schools. This is an annual English language study tour for sixth graders, where they stay in Oxford University's dormitory and enjoy sightseeing with their university teachers.


Beaconhills College, Australia

Target: Students from Grade 4 and up

We offer homestay programmes with our partner school, Beaconhills College. During the summer vacation, Linden Hall School students stay with the families of students at Beaconhills College in Australia for about two weeks while attending school every day and taking classes together. Around October, students from Beaconhills College visit Linden Hall School, where they will have homestays with their families and attend classes at school. It is a wonderful opportunity to experience the culture and values of each country and make friends overseas.

Online Class

'Iolani School, Hawaii, Beaconhills College, Australia

Target: Grade 3, Grade 6

We communicate with our sister school, 'Iorani School and Beaconhills College through online classes. Grade 3 students together with 'Iolani School decided the topic beforehand, and will have a discussion and asking questions based on that topic. They can deepen their understanding of various fields. In addition, Grade 6 students and Beaconhills College students get to know each other and then learn global issues together in “Tsunagaru Project”.


Oxford University, UK

Target: Students who participants in after school (Grade1 to Grade6)

Exchange students from Oxford University who study abroad at Japan University of Economics. They look at student’s homework every day after school, play together and play sports. The excitement from elders who are like brothers and sisters is so great that it forms the foundation for developing an international perspective.

Elementary School