About commuting to and from school

We have a safe and secure commuting system by
school bus or train accompanied by teachers.

Since we opened our school, we have considered safety, and we have prepared a system for commuting to school. For example, when students go to school on Nishitetsu trains, teachers and staff take trains every morning to ensure safety, and they have never been involved in any incidents or accidents while commuting to and from school.
The way to go to school is mainly by school bus, Nishitetsu and JR trains. Please note that we ask parents to pick students up at the nearest station or bus stop.

School Bus

School buses operate five routes: Momochi, Kashii, JR Futsukaichi, Nishitetsu Futsukaichi Station and Kitakyushu.
Parents, please pick up and drop off the students from their house to the school bus stop.
Students need to apply for the school bus. If they wish to apply, please ask at school.


School bus routes(FY 2021)

  • Chikushino and Dazaifu Area

    Bound for JR Futsukaichi Station
    Bus Stop
    JR Futsukaichi Station
    For Nishitetsu Futsukaichi Station
    Bus Stop
    Nishitetsu Futsukaichi Station East Exit
  • Fukuoka and Kasuya Area(Via Fukuoka Expressway)

    For Momochi
    Bus Stop
    To School: Near Nishi Park ramp → Sawara fire station → Momochihama RKB → Fukushige
    From School: Mizuki → Nishi Koen Ramp Area → Sawara Fire Department → Momochihama RKB → Fukushige
    For Kashii
    Bus Stop
    To School: Chihaya → Kashii Teruha → around Kasuya Ramp → Sue PA → Sakamoto
    From School: Sue PA → Kasuya ramp area → Chihaya → Kashii Teruha
  • Kitakyushu Area(Via Kyushu Expressway)

    For Kitakyushu and
    Nishitetsu Futsukaichi
    Bus Stop
    To School: Around Kurosaki Lamp → Around Yawata IC → Kurate PA → Koga SA → Nishitetsu Futsukaichi Station East Exit
    From School: Nishitetsu Futsukaichi Station East Exit → Koga SA → Nogata PA → around Yawata IC → around Kurosaki Lamp

School Bus Driver

Yoshifumi Matsuda

Since the establishment of Linden Hall School, we have been working hard every day with the idea that “The most important thing is that students can safely go to and from school.” We always carry out vehicle inspections before and after the operation, and try to drive safely while driving, but students sometimes stand up in the car. We feel that it is our duty to pay attention to the inside of the car and watch over the car to prevent unexpected accidents such as falls.

*Currently, as a measure against COVID-19, we are carefully disinfecting the seats and places where hands touch.


Every morning, teachers accompany students by Nishitetsu trains from Fukuoka Tenjin Station and from Kurume Station to Hanabatake Station. The boarding time and the car are decided, and when students get on a train at each station, our teacher or staff checks it. With this system, we have an environment where students can go to school by train from the first grade of elementary school.
When students arrive at the disembarking station, they will move to the school bus station with the help of the teacher or staff and move to the school after confirming that all the members are on board.
Please note that we ask parents to pick students up at the nearest station or bus stop.

Elementary School