Introduction to Our Curriculum

Our goal is to have children acquire English naturally
while having fun and developing a sense of self during our lessons.

During their 6 years in our English immersion education programme students will acquire the ability to use English with confidence as a result of almost all our classes being taught in English (with the exception of Japanese language classes and moral education classes).
Ever since the founding of our school, we have always strived to provide educational programme in line with modern societal needs such as ICT and Environmental Studies.
A major feature of our elementary school classes is the value we place on a child's curiosity, as untethered curiosity, we believe, leads to enriched learning.
It is on that basis that each teacher strives, through ingenuity, to develop original methods of communication and approaches that spur curiosity and help children to develop a sense of the joy of learning; along with a feeling of wanting to learn more.
Linden Hall School is an Ichijou-Kou*1 that administers an educational programme that is in accordance with the MEXT’s*2 curriculum. Because we provide an English immersion programme and environmental studies course, we are designated a Specially Exempt School.

*1 Ichijou-Kou refers to educational institutions stipulated in Article 1 of the School Education Law in Japan, and includes kindergartens, elementary schools, junior high schools, compulsory education schools, high schools, secondary schools, schools for students with special needs, universities, and technical colleges.
*2 MEXT refers to the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology

Club Activities

All children in 4th grade and up participate in extracurricular activities.
In addition to science, chess and basketball, the school invites external expert instructors to
teach such classes as gardening, Karate and Japanese dance.

Elementary School