Badminton activity

May 30, 2024

On a sunny Saturday morning, students from various schools including Australian exchange students gathered at the badminton court of the Japan University of Economics for an exciting badminton activity. The event was part of their school excursion, aimed at promoting physical health, teamwork, and coordination. Here’s a glimpse of the day:
Friendly Matches and Skill Challenges:
Students were divided into teams and played friendly badminton matches. They showcased their racket skills, agility, and quick reflexes.
Target practices like “high clear” and “drop shots” added an element of competition. Players aimed to serve the shuttle close to the court lines for serving practice.
The distance challenge tested their ability to hit the shuttle as far as possible, encouraging powerful strokes.
Movement Games:
Badminton requires dynamic movement, and the students embraced it wholeheartedly. Starting-and-stopping games like “Statues” helped them practice quick reactions.
They sprinted, changed directions, stretched, twisted, and jumped—all while having a blast.
These activities not only improved their badminton skills but also contributed to their overall well-being and self-belief1.

Overall, the badminton excursion was a success, fostering camaraderie, fitness, and a love for sports among the students.