Partnership Ceremony with St. Hilda’s School Held in Australia

Feb 8, 2024

Linden Hall High School has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with St Hilda's School, Gold Coast, marking a new partnership to foster educational and cultural exchanges. The signing ceremony was held at St Hilda's School and attended by Ms. Asuka Tsuzuki, Head of School at Linden Hall, and Mrs. Virginia Warner, Principal of St Hilda's.

The event was witnessed by Grade 10 students at St Hilda's and a special guest from Education Experience Gold Coast, Executive Director Mrs. Jennine Tax. This agreement sets the stage for future collaborations, including student exchange programmes, shared learning projects, and other educational initiatives.

During the ceremony, representatives from both schools exchanged signed documents, indicating their commitment to this new relationship. The attached images show Ms. Tsuzuki and Mrs. Shuttlewood presenting the signed MoU, signifying the start of this educational partnership.

Linden Hall and St Hilda's are looking forward to the benefits this collaboration will bring. They plan to develop programmes that will offer tangible educational and cultural benefits to their students. The ceremony represents not just the signing of an agreement, but the beginning of a series of educational opportunities that will be available to students in the years to come.